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Posted: Oct 2
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‘Fahrenheit 451’ carries infrequently timely themes

TYLER MILES For Go Lackawanna

SCRANTON – Scranton Reads celebrates a 10th anniversary this tumble as a module continues a goal to “bring a village together by a square of literature.”

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Sheli McHugh prepares to cut a 10th anniversary cake celebrating Scranton Reads on Friday.

Rich Howells print / Go Lackawanna

During a time when book stores are shutting nationwide, including a internal Borders plcae that recently close a doors for good, Scranton Reads is still pulling a faith that reading is critical to a segment and can move people closer as it shares something.

“It’s a village reading plan where we try to get everybody in a village to review a same book, afterwards attend in events via a month of Oct so that they have a common experience,” Sheli McHugh, co-chair for this year’s program, said.

Scranton Reads started as a plan between a city of Scranton and a Scranton Public Library in 2002, and McHugh has been concerned for a final 5 years.

A cabinet done adult of librarians and village members accommodate any winter to confirm what October’s book will be. This year, Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” was chosen.

The book tells a story of a fireman who once broken a created word. After a possibility assembly with a immature woman, he now questions why. It is deliberate as one of a good works of scholarship fiction.

“We suspicion it was unequivocally critical to do this book now, generally with how renouned E-readers have turn and with book stores shutting down. Some of a themes in a book are entrance true,” McHugh said.

The Scranton Reads module is carrying a toughest year financially. In past years, grants from inhabitant organizations helped account their program, though this year no such assist could be secured. Public library budgets have also enervated in a downtrodden economy.

“I consider it’s unequivocally hapless and unhappy that that’s happening,” pronounced McHugh. “It’s unequivocally critical that people continue to support a libraries since if we don’t have libraries and are losing these book stores, a entrance to information and novel is decreasing.”

For a initial time, this year’s module facilities dual contests: an letter competition and a cover redesign contest. Entries for both contests are due by Sun., Oct. 16, and can be delivered to a Albright Memorial Library, 500 Vine St., Scranton, or a Weinberg Memorial Library during a University of Scranton.

Other events will embody lectures trimming from criminialized books to science-fiction, book discussions, and a screening of a 1966 film chronicle of “Fahrenheit 451.”

The culmination event, a row patrician “The Future of Reading,” will be hold during St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 232 Wyoming Ave., Scranton, on Tuesday, Oct. 25, during 7 p.m.

For a full list of events, revisit www.scrantonreads.org.

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