WordPress 3.6 Release Candidate

The initial recover claimant for WordPress 3.6 is now available.

We wish to boat WordPress 3.6 in a integrate weeks. But to do that, we unequivocally need your help! If we haven’t tested 3.6 yet, there’s no time like a present. (But please: not on a live prolongation site, unless you’re feeling generally adventurous.)

Think you’ve found a bug? Please post to a Alpha/Beta area in a support forums. If any famous issues come up, you’ll be means to find them here. Developers, greatfully exam your plugins and themes, so that if there is a harmony issue, we can arrange it out before a final release.

To exam WordPress 3.6, try a WordPress Beta Tester plugin (you’ll wish “bleeding corner nightlies”). Or we can download a recover claimant here (zip).

As we might have heard, we corroborated a Post Format UI underline out of a release. On a other hand, the sharp new revisions browser had some additional time to develop. You should see it with 200+ revisions installed — scrubbing behind and onward during lightning speed is a thing of beauty.

Delayed, though still loved
The recover will be out soon
Test it, por favor

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