Patterns – A Responsive WordPress Theme for Online Magazines

This is one responsive WordPress theme good value a wait. You’ve listened us discuss it within a village forums and now it’s prepared for your subsequent journal or repository site.

This is no typical theme!

As always, we listened closely to a village and analyzed a many requested features. Even with a 5 years of journal pattern and growth experience, it took a developer 2 months to ideal all (and there’s really a prolonged list) a facilities of this theme. We’ll go into sum serve below, though rest positive we won’t find another thesis that compares to a all new Patterns thesis for WordPress.

Responsive WordPress Theme

Here’s a outline of some notable facilities inside a Patterns theme:

Responsive WordPress Theme

We know a significance of manageable pattern and for that reason we designed Patterns to work with incomparable screens as good as tablets and intelligent phones. Try it out yourself! Take a demeanour during a demo of Patterns theme and resize your browser to exam a responsiveness during opposite sizes.

Built on Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap is one of a many renouned frameworks for conceptualizing manageable websites built by a good folks over during Twitter. It’s now widely used, and we’ve adopted it for a possess purposes. Due to a plain formula library, palliate of use, and far-reaching acceptance, a themes will be built on this horizon going forward.

News Ticker

Satisfying mixed requests from early users, a news ticker located during a top left side of shade can arrangement a latest posts – or – posts of a specific difficulty or tag. It’s a ideal territory for violation news or gummy topics.

Featured Collage Area

Patterns is a initial thesis that comes though a slider on a front page. However, we designed something improved for we – a neat featured collage are that displays posts formed on a user-defined difficulty or tag.

Smart Navigation

Want some-more than usually simple drop-down navigation menus from a reward theme?

You can take advantage of Smart Navigation designed not usually to yield easy navigation opposite your site, though also to inspire visitors to stay on your site longer. The Smart Navigation is a two-column row divided into sub-navigation equipment and a many new entries within that category.

Category Layouts

Blog layouts are boring! We work with some vast and engaging clients in a online news universe and they all have singular layouts for categories, and now we can too. We introduced a judgment of tradition middle page layouts with City Desk and carried that underline into any thesis thereafter.

Patterns perceived some special courtesy with several difficulty layouts to select from so we don’t have to arrangement all your categories / tags / author repository in a classical blog format. Take advantage of these singular repository character layouts to give any difficulty page some new life.

Post Templates

If a neat front-page isn’t enough, and mixed difficulty layouts haven’t got we convinced, afterwards how about a ability to select from four different post layouts?

Tell us what we consider of this thesis recover in a comments below, or ask us a question.

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