MagPress New Member and Support System

Hello everyone, MagPress now had been updated to accept developer chronicle and reward themes squeeze that embody lifetime updates and supports. The growth had been underneath going for several months now and a final outcome by a dev group are utterly considerable with built in profile, purchase, repute and support complement regulating WordPress plugin such a EDD and BBPress. Checkout a screeners for some-more infos and step by step instructions.

100% GPL and Update and Support for all Purchased Theme
– MagPress Support Team

Step 1 – Choosing a thesis to purchase

if we go to any thesis permalink and it had a ‘purchase button’, usually select and click to supplement a thesis into your cart.

47b06 purchase button MagPress New Member and Support System

Step 2 – Register new comment and checkout

On Checkout page, fill in your preferred username *be as singular as possible, your preferred cue and your preferred email residence to register.

47b06 new reg MagPress New Member and Support System

Click on ‘Pay and Download’ will take we to paypal customary squeeze page. Follow all a required step and we will be route to your possess private form page with all a squeeze story and infos available.

Step 3 – Redirect to your form page

After remuneration completed, we will be route to your form page. all squeeze equipment and record are manifest to yourself only, we can redownload a developer chronicle or a reward thesis that we purchased here.

47b06 profile page 480x360 MagPress New Member and Support System

click to perspective incomparable version

All a purchased themes will be symbol as ‘already purchase’ when we visited a themes permanlink so we can keep lane of that themes already underneath your personal box and that themes hasn’t.

47b06 already purchase MagPress New Member and Support System

Step 4 – Getting engage in Support Community Forums

An versatile support forum that usually concede members/purchased users to post. The Forum complement also authorised connection so we can improved bargain if we have any issue.

Help others and assistance Yourself

47b06 getpoints MagPress New Member and Support System

we embody a repute complement will concede other users to opinion your post or answer as usefull or helpful, this assistance a village to know that users had been doing some good help and yield a right answer or resolution to a problems so be certain to collect those points that can be use to entrance a private and tradition reward essence after on…its a secret:)

Some Themes had a squeeze symbol and some don’t

we are on a routine of updating a themes squeeze list so if we do not see a squeeze symbol afterwards a thesis still on que and will be accessible soon.

You can always go to developer page to squeeze as unknown during any time. If we confront any problems or emanate on register and checkout, feel giveaway to contact us here

More refurbish soon…

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