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Looking for another blog hosting other than, well here’s another alternative if you’re looking for an original and short name blog hosting platform for your new blog. Its none other than the

38977 blogcom – Free Blogging, Publishing and Hosting Platform

Such an original name and blunt to the point. It doesn’t sound like a weedkiller compared to the others blog hosting name. offered free Web Hosting as well as support to help you start and published your own blog. Setting up an new account doesn’t take too long either. emerged in mid 2004 and become one of the best and unique domain for any blog hosting. The hosting allowed you to create a unique blog domain such or It is definitely far better than any other blog hosting platform around. With its Premium Features and free web hosting, you can map to one domain that you already own. let you get the help of friends or people with shared interests and also allows you to pick your team of authors, all capable of publishing entries, reviewing comments and many more. You can start building your own online publication which you always dreamed of.

Needed Social Connection? provide you all the tools needed. Connect with Facebook, Twitter, share your posts with tons of social networks or track your statistics with Google Analytic. You can also easily post from your mobile phone, iphone, or 3rd party services so you won’t lost track of your blog and publish posts again.

Free and Premium Themes Collection

Did we mention they had fine handpicked and tailored collection of blogging themes?
056b3 blogdotcomthemes – Free Blogging, Publishing and Hosting Platform
Your blog did not have to be boring, you can picked any free theme and only one click away from using it. With the additional Premium Features, you can select even more beautiful and unique themes to suit your need.

Multimedia and Privacy Support

Want to share your photos or showcase a gallery? Videos you’ve found online? Music you’ve made? Just plain old documents and presentations? Don’t worry, help you cover them all. You can choose either to share your blog posts with the world or just keep it to yourself or close connections. privacy support will help you accomplished this.

Want to make money with your blog?

With the Premium Features, you can easily earn income with customizable ads feature, you also will be able to use your own advertisement. Earn money online as a publisher with solid and trustworthy blog hosting platform.

Help and Support from fine folks

Either you’re a newbies or pros, they have a dedicated Support Team willing to help you at any time. You can also count with an always-improving knowledgebase where you can learn how to get the most out of your blog.

Friendly and Optimize SEO

Who didn’t like a Search Engine Optimize site? well have this cover. You can place your blog on the top places with search engine optimization system. It will automatically generate meta information about your blog content that search engines will use to properly help you index it.

Want to get more out of
If you love the free blog and web hosting provided by, you can always take a look at their Premium Upgrade features which include using your own ads, more extra hosting space (GB), custom domain, custom themes and custom designs.

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